Artist statement

For me, the act of creation is like weaving a unique pattern, a reality that is different from the present moment. It’s not only about what we see, but also what we feel. The experiences that touch us deeply are the ones that we remember. Nowadays, we seem to have lost control over our imagination, emotions, and attention, which prevent us from perceiving the real world. Behind the wall of our imagination, the true nature of reality remains hidden. For me, the most exquisite aspects of life are the emotions and the human spirit, even in still images. Regarding my source of inspiration, it usually comes from the weather, music, and the human body. I cannot create anything without pouring my emotions into it. If I can create an image that withstands the test of time and reflects my experience of humanity, then I consider it my most important accomplishment in life.

Shindar Khalil

Generaal foulkesweg 42a 

6703 BT Wageningen