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Gnosis 2023


Nature and mysticism come together in the artwork "Gnosis". This intriguing work explores the idea of hidden knowledge and inner wisdom, represented by a combination of different plants that come together in unexpected ways. Each plant in this work has its own unique properties and meanings. Some plants have healing properties, while others are associated with spiritual or religious rituals. By combining these plants, I am creating a wealth of meanings and layers of interpretation. In "Gnosis", the plants are not just shown as objects of beauty, but as carriers of symbolism and potential. The plants are not naturally found together, but in this composition, they find each other and form a new coherence. This raises questions about the natural world, human interaction with nature, and the possibilities for new forms of life and knowledge. With "Gnosis", i'm inviting the viewer to look beyond the surface of reality and delve into the secret layers of nature and the human mind. This work is an invitation to explore, interpret, and learn about the hidden knowledge that is present in all of us.